Bild 1 - Hausboot The houseboat consists of two paddle boards 300x200x700mm³, a bathing platform 3100x2100x100mm³ and a tunnel tent 2000x2000x1600mm³ with two entrances. All parts are pumped up to 0.4 to 0.5 bar with the hand pump or 12V pump. The bathing platform and the floats are connected by Velcro tape. The tunnel tent is connected to the bathing platform by 6 rubber rings. Use only original accessories for the houseboat. We supply two sturdy and lightweight paddles, a hand pump, a folding seat with backpack and tent accessories. The hand pump can be switched to two-way or one-way operation at a lever at the top of the cylinder. The manometer of the hand pump has an indicator in bar. In the backpack there are ropes, rubber ropes and rubber rings.

Image 2 - hand pump Image 3 - paddles Image 4 - folding seat

Solar panels
Image 5 - solar panels

Transport the flexible solar modules in their original packaging. After the first installation, the two modules are connected by 3 rope loops. The adjacent plugs (plus and minus) are permanently connected. The remaining plugs (once plus, once minus) are connected to the matching plugs of the solar controller while driving. The two solar modules lie on the tunnel tent and are attached to 6 carabiner hooks with rubber parts. Depending on the direction of the sun, you move the modules in the appropriate direction. The modules are waterproof for a short period of time. They must not be buckled and scratched. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth if needed.

Battery bag
Image 6 - battery bag

The battery bag contains the floating lithium battery, the solar controller MPPT XTRA XDS1, the solar cable, the 300W fast charger 230V/14.4V and a 12V double-socket adapter. During the transport of the houseboat, the propeller can be stored in the battery pocket. Do not pack pointed and sharp-edged parts (tools) in the battery pocket. Before each trip, check that the electrical contacts are firmly seated. If contacts get hot, turn it all off and change contacts if needed. The 12V double sockets are designed for 10A resistive load (120W). The output of the controller is designed for 40A resistive, but for a maximum of 10A inductive load. (Electronic power supplies, electronic devices, LED lamps, etc.) The battery bag cam be used up to 480 Watt load.

Image 7 - outborder

We use the VX54e Zepco with an electronically controlled, highly efficient drive (up to 26kg thrust) delivered by us along with a 50A plug, an electric fuse and the adapted Intex motor holder. The e-variant is only available here. In the power levels 1 ... 4, up to 50% more travel time is possible, as the engine power is reduced electronically and not by resistance. The attachment and electrics are prepared for this power. That's what we guarantee.

Image 8 - 12v-pump

The 12V-pump is connected with two clamps directly to the battery (note plus and minus). He can suck and blow. To do this, the connection of the suction hose must be changed. At the manometer there is the on and off switch. The ring around the manometer can be rotated. This sets the shutdown pressure at 0.5 bar. In the beginning is filled with great air power, later with low air power but high pressure.

Changes in the sense of technical progress are possible.